White House Counselor Calls Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin ‘Stupid’ over Bribery Charges

Kellyanne Conway took to social media to ridicule the TV stars after their alleged involvement in a bribery and cheating scandal to get their children in elite colleges.

The 52-year-old political consultant and advisor to President Donald Trump reacted to the charges made to 50 people including parents, sports coaches, testers and others, with a series of angry Tweets.

Conway didn’t just attack the celebrities named by the FBI investigation but called out all the individuals indicted on March 11.

“@LoriLoughlin & @FelicityHuffman indicted for lying and buying spots in college. They worried their daughters are as stupid as their mothers.”

-Kellyanne Conway, Twitter, March 12, 2019.

The schools mentioned in the controversy include Georgetown, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale, among others.

“2 actresses get most attention for college admissions cheating scandal. Yet 48 others were charged, too. Coaches, athletic directors took millions. CEOs. Author of ironically titled, “The Modern Girls Guide to Life,” Willkie Farr law firm partner. YOU FAILED THESE KIDS,” the Republican further tweeted.

The recently uncovered scheme involving a total of 33 parents, law-firms and private organizations, with bribes going from $200.000 to $6.5 million. The procedure included faking athletic resumes or SAT scores.

Lori Loughlin allegedly did this with her two daughters, 20-year-old Bella, and 18-year-old Olivia. Felicity Huffman did it with her older daughter with actor William H. Macy, 18-year-old Sophia, an aspiring actress.

"This case is about the widening corruption of elite college admissions through the steady application of wealth, combined with fraud," U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Andrew Lelling said.

"There can be no separate college admission for the wealthy, and I will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either," he added.

Neither the colleges themselves nor the students involved have been charged, and it is believed that many of the children of wealthy parents were unaware of the irregularities in their admissions.

Political adversaries of Conway couldn’t help but point out the double standard showed by the White House counselor by reminding her of the lawsuit against Trump University, which ended up in a $25 million settlement to compensate students who claimed to be defrauded by the failed real state seminar.

“Your boss had to pay 25 million dollars for university fraud,” Twitter user Brian Santa Maria replied to Conway’s post.

Others reminded her of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen allegations that the US president threatened the schools he went to, asking them to never release his grades and SAT scores.

“Meanwhile, your boss is selling access to the White House. Ran a fake university and neither he or his children earned their way through any institution, more importantly, life,” wrote Danny Deraney.

She was also criticized for her offensive remarks to both the students involved and their mothers, considering her tweets lacking professionalism.

“NO ONE condones what Huffman or Loughlin did, & they deserve no special treatment, but YOU, a White House person, joking about their daughters being "stupid," reaffirms that the tRump "administration" lives in the gutter,” said Chet Powell.

The US president’s son Donald Trump Jr. also took to Twitter to make a pair of his signature sarcastic posts in relation to the bribery scandal. But just like it happened with Conway, his messages backfired.

Several users considered that Trump Jr. was too privileged taking advantage of his father’s wealth and influence to pass judgment to others, and some challenged him to release his own SAT scores.

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