Malcolm-Jamal Warner Shares Heartwarming Photo of Himself Washing Dishes with His Little Daughter

Malcolm-Jamal Warner, better known for his role as Theo Huxtable in “The Cosby Show,” is now the proud dad of an adorable girl. And although he has kept her face off social media, Warner shares some pics with the toddler while protecting her identity.

The actor, who’s currently giving life to Dr. AJ Austin on FOX’s medical drama “The Resident,” recently took to Instagram to post an adorable photo where he’s doing some chores in the company of his daughter.

In the shot, the 1-year-old girl is seen wearing a pink dinosaur-printed pajama while reaching for the sink next to her hands-on dad. Malcolm, wearing a brown t-shirt and matching pants, has a towel thrown over his shoulder while helping his little girl.

“Washing dishes w the lil homie, listening to Ron Carter. Today was indeed a good day...#sundayfunday #daddydaughterday #lovedbabiesarehappybabies #gratitudegang #gratitudeallday,” he captioned the post.

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So there's this girl. She kinda stole my heart. She calls me Daddy. (And sometimes her mom does too. 😜. I mean she did steal my heart first...😉😊🤗😍❤). The bouquet on the 4th pic is from my lovely moms who still calls me son and continues to have my back. And we're all holding each other down as we each embark on the next chapter of our lives. As I look back at my wonderful journey thus far, look at my beautiful life right now, and look at the still bright future ahead of me, I know that I am Hands Down one of the luckiest and most blessed men alive. Happy Father's Day to the Dads doing the damn thing outchea and to the Moms who have to be Mommy and Daddy to theirs. You rock! #LivingMyLifeLikeItsPlatinum #LifeIsWhatYouMakeIt #GratitudeGang #ProudDadGang

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Fans took over the comment section to gush about Malcolm and his parenting skills, with most agreeing that is great he’s setting an example to other black men by being a doting father.

“Great to see this, my brother...Keep setting a great example. Good to see positive vibes,” wrote one user.

Another added, “Yes indeed. Learn ‘em young; they’ll carry it forever. Well done poppa.”

And a third one chimed in to say,

“So glad You're keeping it real!!! It's imperative to set an example for more brothers!!!!!”


Warner, 48, has kept his daughter and wife out of the spotlight for a while.

He paid a visit to Wendy Williams on her show a few months ago, and when asked why he doesn’t post his daughter’s face on social media, he said:

“I have a lifetime for that, and I know it’s going to happen eventually, so I want to keep her as much under the radar as I can.”

Warner also revealed that he works hard in his career and equally as hard to maintain a private life. He didn’t even share pics of his wedding or, for that matter, said when he got married. But he’s a dedicated husband and father and says he’s “living his best life” these days.

Malcolm is careful and selective with what he shares with the public, but he found a way of posting special moments with his child by taking strategic pics or videos where her face is barely seen.


In January, he melted hearts with a photo of his girl sitting on his chair at the set of “The Resident.”

The curly-haired toddler rocked a sleeveless white dress with flowers printed on it, and matching white sandals; and the sight was so lovely that Warner melted hearts with his caption, which read:

“Anything that is mine quickly becomes hers. My food. My heart. My choice of music in the car. And, yes, even my chair at work. My dad says the car keys are next, but those are pretty much hers too. She loves pressing the red panic button to make the horn go off. Yep, #imawrap #wrappedaroundherfinger.”

Last year he also delighted fans by sharing two different videos dancing with his girl in their kitchen.

In the first one, Warner had no pants on because he explained, he was in the middle of cleaning some dishes when his daughter asked to be held in “a low key whiney 14-month-old way.”

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Our livingroom is no stranger to mommy-daddy-daughter dance parties. Top picks are Itsy Bitsy Spider by Go Fish (Party Like A Preschooler, that joint goes hard) and Mi Gente by @jbalvin (gotta feed that boriqua blood). We just woke up from a nap and for some reason I was intent on cleaning up the kitchen from a messy lunch, but my daughter wouldn't let me. She wanted to be held in a low key whiney 14 month old way. For a brief moment I felt myself getting low key frustrated. But then I stopped what I was doing bc she didn't care about a messy kitchen. All she wanted was for her daddy to hold her. Something that simple makes my daughter happy. Something THAT simple. And it was a moment I didn't want to take for granted. We told Alexa to shuffle songs by @thejacksons and we had our own impromptu kitchen dance party (heavily inspired by @wyanna and her kitchen dancing-I 👀 you, mama 🤪)! Personally, I don't give a flying fuck if Kiki loves me. I know my daughter and my Queen do. That's ALL that matters. #lovedbabiesarehappybabies #happymoments #happymommy #happydaddy #ProudDadGang #gratitudegang #dancepants #TheJacksons #shakeyabodydowntotheground #makeblackfamiliesgreatagain

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“But then I stopped what I was doing bc she didn't care about a messy kitchen. All she wanted was for her daddy to hold her. Something that simple makes my daughter happy,” he added in the caption of the clip.

Some people criticized Warner for dancing around in his underwear, so, in response, he shared another dancing clip, this time around fully clothed.

However, he made sure to mention he wasn’t trying to please the haters, he just “happened to be dressed when this joint came on.”

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