Inside 'Who's the Boss?' Actor Danny Pintauro's Relationship with Husband of 5 Years, Wil Tabares

Danny Pintauro has been enjoying marital bliss for five years with her husband, Wil Tabares.

The “Who’s The Boss” actor tied the knot with Tabares on April 3, 2019, in Dana Point, California, as reported by US Weekly.

“The wedding was terrific, and everyone was so happy to be there. We had fun!"

Their wedding came exactly a year after announcing their engagement.

“Everything went off without a hitch,” Pintauro recalled. “The wedding was terrific, and everyone was so happy to be there. We had fun!"

The former child actor has found a very supportive partner in Tabares, who is an entertainer and casino employee.


When Pintauro shared about he overcame drug abuse in a 2015 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tabares publicly expressed his pride.

“I couldn't be more proud of the man I call my husband. He has gone through so much and I can only imagine what a journey it has been,” Tabares wrote on Facebook.

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband for being so amazing. We made a huge life decision in choosing for me to do the interview with Oprah, it meant basically putting our ‘life plans’ on hold for a year so I could try to make change and be an activist. He encouraged me from the moment I told him about it and I’m so proud of him for being so supportive through all the ups and downs of this endeavor. Activism doesn’t pay the bills. So to keep us afloat while I do my best to make change, my husband is working two jobs. Last year at one point he was working four jobs. To be able to work the two jobs he currently has means that he gets no more than three hours of sleep at a time before getting ready for the next job… All because he won’t let me break my promise to do this for a year, all because he believes in me and believes in what I’m trying to accomplish. I am blessed to have him and I want you all to thank him for being so awesome!

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Pintauro told Winfrey that he started using drugs in 2003 because “crystal meth takes away your inhibitions – you have no limits.”

He said that he used drugs to help him explore his sexuality, but he admitted that meth has had a destructive impact on the gay community.

“On crystal meth, you have no boundaries, you feel invincible,” he said. “You feel incredibly heightened when it comes to your sexuality, and everything sounds and feels exciting to you.”


Pintauro left behind this dark phase of his life as he exchanged vows with Tabares in an intimate afternoon ceremony on the beach.

They wore cream-colored suits with matching lavender boutonnieres for the special occasion.

“There were people here today at our wedding who I've known forever and ever, and those people turned to me and said, 'I would never have believed in a million years...that you'd actually be able to get married and call someone your husband, legally. It's amazing! What a terrific day,” he told E! News.

Pintauro rose to fame as one of the stars of the iconic 80s comedy, “Who’s The Boss,” which captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide.

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