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Harry says something to Meghan Markle while the mic is off. Lipreader reveals what it was

Harry says something to Meghan Markle while the mic is off. Lipreader reveals what it was

In their first interview since the engagement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were caught in an unseen footage of the video looking totally adorable and goofy. What were they saying?

Talking to BBC’s Mishal Husain, the couple had some candid and funny moments during the interview that were never shown on television. Daily Mail gives us more info about it.

So what were they joking about? In the footage, Harry and Meghan were seen laughing, joking, making funny faces, and chatting with each other, the interviewer, and other people around them that were off screen.

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Expert lipreader, Tina Lannin, tells us what it was about.

Their off-mic shenanigans were about how Meghan interrupted her fiancee and not letting him get a word edgewise.

Harry was believed to be narrating their Botswana safari last year when Meghan interrupted him and says, “It was 5 days, yeah.”

The prince then told her, “She wants me to say something” and saying “Goddammit” while he slaps his leg and pretending to be outraged. Meghan then grumbled jokingly, “Do it again!”

Lannin also said that the couple spoke about the moment they fell in love. Meghan said, “Six months. We both knew.” Harry also said:

“The relationship there, we both knew there was something there that was solid, so solid, so powerful. We were willing to have a go.”

Kensington Palace has announced that the couple will get married at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle in May.

April was out of the question since the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to her third child. The Queen will also have her hands full with the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in mid-April.

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