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Whoopi Goldberg mocks Trump with her recent joke

Whoopi Goldberg mocks Trump with her recent joke

One of The View panelists couldn’t help but be furious and mock Trump with what seemed to be an initial joking statement. Find out what she said..

It was quite an intense episode on The View on the last week of November as Whoopi Goldberg called the President of the United States as a “baby in the white house who just can’t help himself.” Raw Story has the details on the what happened.

Whoopi Goldberg mocks Trump with her recent joke

The issue began when the POTUS was addressing the Native Americans, particularly the Navajo Tribe, and thanked them for their service as expert code-talkers when he took a jab at Senator Elizabeth Warren by calling her “Pocahontas.”

Most of the panelists at The View were concerned that the Native American hero Pocahontas has been used and turned into an insult.

Joy Behar pointed out that it was similar to when people call Italians as “Guidos” or when Jesse Jackson referred to New York City as “hymietown,” connoting Jewish members of the community.

But Republican Meghan McCain defended the pejorative of Donald Trump and alleged that Sen. Warren used her Native American ancestry to “get into Harvard.”

Whoopi Goldberg mocks Trump with her recent joke

McCain also asserted that a president can have another president hanging in his office when they talked about the painting of Andrew Jackson in the oval office. But the other panel of women said that he can have other presidents.

Hostin asked, “why that president?” Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act of 1830 that made many Native Americans march from their homes to Oklahoma where many have died during the forced migration.

It seemed to be rude to the military veterans to have that painting, to which Goldberg agreed and noted that this comes weeks after Trump was also criticized for his disrespect of the late Sgt. La David Johnson.

Goldberg furiously said:

“How come he’s not talking about kicking Niger’s butt? You haven’t said boo about this. Why haven’t you done anything about that? Why haven’t you said anything? If you’re going to be the guy that says, you know, ‘I’m making America great’ and ‘I’m going to take care of my country’ and you don’t have the cojones to say, ‘Hey Niger, we’re going to come over and take a look at what you’re doing, because you messed up.”

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