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Roloff family couldn’t help but gush over the adorable photo of sleepy Jeremy & baby Ember

Roloff family couldn’t help but gush over the adorable photo of sleepy Jeremy & baby Ember

Jeremy is the perfect father in a recent post showing him spending time sleeping with daughter Ember.

Jeremy Roloff showed he could be a contender for Father of the Year as he recently featured in an Instagram post taking on a serious daddy duty with his little one. This story was reported by the Inquisitr on December 2, 2017. 

Jeremy gave fans a peek at his role as sleeping companion to baby daughter Ember when he posted a photo of them sleeping peacefully.  While Amber was all snuggled up in a blanket with a pacifier in her mouth as she lay on daddy’s chest, her father who seemed to have dozed off too while watching her sleep was still wearing his glasses and warmed up with a beanie on his head.

The sweet father showed he was also a caring husband when he expressed his concern for his wife Audrey when he captioned the photo,

“Dads teaching Ember how to sleep so maybe she’ll get better at it for Mom tonight”

While Jeremy seemed to have perfected the art of sleeping with his daughter, his brother Zach Roloff on the other hand, showed the world how he plays with his son, Jackson.

The black and white photo his wife Tori posted on Instagram showed the two playfully walking around their home with Jackson poised on Zach’s shoulders. Simply captioned “My boys” with a heart emoji, you can already imagine Tori watching them, smiling, as her husband and son entertained each other with cheeky Jackson probably giggling every step of the way.

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And the father of the year award goes to…..it’s a tie between Jeremy and Zach Roloff!