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Melania Trump confides on Presidents' strong sexual potential. Donald is quite impressive in bed

Melania Trump confides on Presidents' strong sexual potential. Donald is quite impressive in bed

In an interview with Howard Stern, the First Lady disclosed some steamy information about her intimate life with the President.

In 1999, Stern was able to convince Melania Trump to spill the details about her and President Donald Trump’s intimate life. Via phone call, Stern asked her very personal questions, which the First Lady did not hesitate to answer.

Melania is 24 years younger than President Trump. While the President is now 71 years old, it has been no secret how vocal he is when it comes to women. 

According to Viral Thread, Melania confessed that she and Trump have a very active sex life. 

During the interview, Trump was the guest and he was asked by Stern to call Melania for an intrusive inquisition. Then 53-year-old Trump obliged and dialed his then-girlfriend’s number. 

It has always been like Stern to ask very intrusive questions to his guests. It is the thing that made him famous to his listeners.

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Trump has always been an open book when it comes to talking about females. In fact, he had even been regarded as a misogynist by others. On the other hand, Melania has been a wallflower, choosing to remain quiet when the topic about objectifying the opposite sex is raised.

When Melania answered the call on live radio, Stern began by complimenting the model. He went on to ask if she was in any way nude during the phone call to which she replied “almost”. 

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Later on, she was asked how often she visited the businessman’s apartment, Melania Trump openly answered that she went to his place “even more” than every night. 

Supposedly, the First Lady implied, at the time, that she had been fairly satisfied by her then-boyfriend.

In 1999, Trump was still just a businessman and had made his first attempt to run for the presidency, but obviously lost.