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Jeremy Vuolo's shared a recent marriage picture. It's called 'creepy' and 'freaky' by the fans

Jeremy Vuolo's shared a recent marriage picture. It's called 'creepy' and 'freaky' by the fans

The doting husband shared a symbolic photo on Instagram representing him and his wife, but the audiences noticed something completely different - and almost sinister - in the image.

Jeremy Vuolo took to Instagram to share a snapshot that represented him and his wife, Jinger Duggar.

But as reported by Inquisitr, the fans were a bit uncomfortable with the overall creepy tone and outlook of the image.

The image in question was of two dolls facing out towards a road, and was captioned with the message: "It doesn’t matter where the road takes us, so long as we’re together." Vuolo, who has said in the past that he was trying to learn from his wife's photography skills, had chosen a rather dark and misty road to photograph. 

The dolls are meant to be symbolic for him and Duggar. 

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Inquisitr reported that the former soccer player wanted to represent the couple's life together with the image. 

Several fans took to social media to point out the dark undertone in the snapshot, and termed the snapshots as 'freaky,' 'creepy,' and like a scene from 'those horror movies,' according to Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, Duggar still continues to impress the fans with amazing pictures on her Instagram feed. The youngster has amazed people with some of her images, and she seems to have a natural born talent for photography. Since starting her account, she has posted more images than any of her siblings.

She is still posting plenty of images of her husband capturing him 'for who he is.' A recent picture that Duggar shared revealed the Grace Community Church pastor playing the sports he loved the most for many years - soccer.

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Vuolo was a professional soccer player for many years before he transitioned to become a spiritual leader. 

Inquisitr quoted a bio from the church website stating: 'After several years pursuing a professional career in soccer, the Lord called Jeremy out of sports and into the ministry under the guidance of Tim Conway, Pastor of Grace Community Church of San Antonio...'

The romantic couple has been one of the regular sharers on the social media platform. The online source even wrote that they had overtaken even Jill and Jessa Duggar in terms of the number of likes on Instagram.