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Famous actress, Cary Grant's former lover, dies after losing her fight with pneumonia

Famous actress, Cary Grant's former lover, dies after losing her fight with pneumonia

Hollywood bids goodbye to yet another glamorous presence from the Golden Era of cinema.

On the 10th of January 2018, the grieving family announced the passing of Danish actress Greta Thyssen. According to Faith Family America, Thyssen, 90, who has been a striking presence on the Silver Screen passed away in her Manhattan apartment on the 7th of January 2018.

Genevieve, Thyssen’s only child, confirmed the news about her mother’s death. Thyssen succumbed to a bout of pneumonia, an illness she had been suffering from - on and off - for nearly a decade.

Her career started in 1952 when she was crowned Miss Denmark. After the win, she went straight to Hollywood where fans fell in love with her astounding blond beauty and buxom sensuality. Thyssen was known for being a “Marilyn Monroe double.” She was famed for her intelligence, wit and poise, and a charismatic presence all her own.

"My mother was a very clever woman and extremely well read. If she had been born in a different era, I think she could have been a lawyer or professor.”

Genevieve Thyssen Guenther,  Faith Family America, 10th January 2018

Thyssen never lacked work, but she was more famous for her beauty and her sizzling love life than for her acting talent. When she began dating Cary Grant, she became an item on the Hollywood social scene.

The relationship with Grant came to an abrupt end when Thyssen opened up to the public about what it was like to date the famous actor. The very discreet Grant reportedly was "furious that she had shared that publicly."

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Thyssen appeared in several films, including the 1959 “Terror Is A Man,” and the 1961 “Three Blondes in His Life.” Thyssen’s most memorable roles were in 1958 with "The Three Stooges" shorts she participated in as leading lady.

In 1967, Thyssen retired from the screen and settled down with her husband, Theodore Guenther; and in 1969 the couple welcomed their only child, Genevieve.

Thyssen dedicated herself to her family: her daughter, son-in-law, and one grandchild, and focused her creativity on her painting.