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Doc delivers healthy baby, but after looking at umbilical cord tells dad it's a miracle

Doc delivers healthy baby, but after looking at umbilical cord tells dad it's a miracle

When the baby was born the Doctor was shocked, and so was the father when he explained what he had seen.

For nine months a baby floats calmly in a mother's womb, or so people imagine, but some are so energetic they may very well put their very lives at risk. Mothers are used to the kicking and tossing and turning of the baby inside their tummies, but few realize there is a real danger.

There are many instances of babies being born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their necks, and sadly some even die; others tangle themselves up and cut off or reduce the flow of nutrients from the mother's body into theirs, and so inhibit their development, explained in their November 30th, 2017 report of this one baby's miraculous birth.

The umbilical cord is the baby's sole font of nourishment, this is where nutrients and oxygen are passed on from the maternal bloodstream and into the baby's body, and anything that interferes with this connection is a danger to the unborn child.


This particular scamp must have been quite an adventurous swimmer in his mother's tummy, and what he had done left his doctor open-mouthed.

The baby’s healthy birth was a true miracle as the doctor pointed out to his doting father.


At first glance, everything was exactly as it should be, but a closer look showed the doctor something completely unexpected. The baby's umbilical cord was tied in a perfect knot. In normal circumstances, such an occurrence is sadly fatal, but this little mite was very lucky.

The knot had not strangled off the flow of nutrients into the baby's body or stopped the drainage of wastes. Either would have been fatal: in one, he would have literally starved; in the second case, the toxins would have built up in his little body and caused irreparable damage to his organs. 

“Hurry up dad, take a picture – your baby is a miracle.” 

The happy and astounded father took the picture which has gone viral and proved once and for all that miracles do happen every day.