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Barbara Walters' health condition is worrisome, according to a close source

Barbara Walters' health condition is worrisome, according to a close source

Television legend Barbara Walters is now 88 years old, and though her energy and mental acuity are unimpaired, her body is increasingly fragile.

Barbara Walters is 88 years old and has been working as a broadcast journalist and television personality for over 55 years. Now Walters' health might be taking a turn for the worse, reveals Closer Weekly on the 27th of November 2017.

The octagenarian retired in 2014 but maintained her connection to the business through production projects on The View. She hosted 20/20 and ABC News, on several occasions, her most recent appearance having been in the show 10 Most Fascinating People, in 2015. 

Cindi Berger, her publicist, denies that Walters is ill. When she announced her retirement  Walters stated emphatically that she had no intention of stepping away from her career for good. She believed the future was unknowable and might bring her back into an active life.

Viewers have always hoped that she would return to the limelight, as she has done sporadically throughout the years. Now it appears that her mobility is compromised and she is 'no longer able to get around the way she used to.'  Her friend told Closer Weekly that Walters struggles to walk 'because of her hips,' and that her physical strength is waning. 

Walters' social life continues to be active, and Lesley Stahl and Cynthia McFadden - reporters who look up to her and admire her for what she achieved - visit her often. 

Walters has become reconciled to her estranged daughter Jackie Danforth and is said to see her regularly too. Walters underwent open heart surgery in May 2010 after she was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis and had a faulty aortic valve replaced.

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Walters, who is the co-founder of The View, and who was also a co-host from 1997 until 2014 still watches the talk show regularly.