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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban allegedly close to divorce. Couple make an escape to save family

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban allegedly close to divorce. Couple make an escape to save family

Another star-couple seems to be on the verge of a breakdown, and are said to be leaving LA in an attempt to save their marriage.

Nicole Kidman,  50, has been married to singer/songwriter Keith Urban, 50, since 2006, and they have been seen as a model couple by the Hollywood set. The two have two children together - daughters Sunday Rose, 9,  and Faith Margaret, 7. Now, according to Radar Online's post on December 27th, 2017 the couple is preparing to leave the United States and move the family to Australia.

Kidman and Urban are both Australian and visit their families regularly. They spent Christmas in Sydney and have placed their Nashville home for sale, with the property value set at $3.34 million. Nashville has been central to the family's life since Urban is a country singer.

A source close to the couple has revealed that Kidman's  77-year-old mother Janelle is dealing with a severe heart condition. Kidman's father passed away of a similar heart condition in 2014 and Kidman is said to be wanting to move back to give her mother support in her hour of need.

Kidman wants Urban to make the move with her, and the singer is said to be amenable to the change. Rumors have it that the celebrity couple has been going through a complicated phase and this move may be an opportunity for a fresh new start.

Urban is said to have a problem with Kidman's cosmetic surgeries, and Kidman has a hard time dealing with Urban's constant absences on tour.

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Both have been suspected of having had extramarital affairs: Urban with Kelsea Ballerini; Kidman with Russell Crowe. Kidman is now seeing a resurgence in her career and reaching new heights as a serious actress, rather than a pretty face.

Kidman may become more involved with the independent Austrailian film industry, perhaps taking the step into directing, just as Angelina Jolie has.