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Girl is suddenly struggling to stand. Doctor looks in her hair & discovers the reason

Girl is suddenly struggling to stand. Doctor looks in her hair & discovers the reason

Amanda Lewis, a concerned mother from Eastern Oregon, woke up a morning to learn that her young daughter’s limbs were too weak to even stand on her feet.

Lewis took her time to post on her Facebook page her daughter’s experience. She revealed that Evelyn, her child, started acting ‘weird’ the night before they went to the hospital.

As Newsner reported, Evelyn was somewhat upset and she didn’t want to stand up after taking a shower to put her pajamas on. After helping her out, Lewis decided to sleep with her that night.

The following morning, she realized that Evelyn could barely walk or crawl and she felt her arms so weak that she could hardly move them. After that, she took her to the hospital fearing the worst as a member of their family had been diagnosed with cancer.

Fortunately for the family, the doctor in charge of Evelyn’s case immediately recognized her problem as he treated a few other children with similar symptoms in the past. She was suffering from ‘tick paralysis.’

According to WebMD, even though tick paralysis is rare, it can be caused by several different types of ticks in North America as it is the result of the venom that female ticks secrete when they feed.

The source added that symptoms like tingling, numbness, or loss of feeling in hands and feet, problems to swallow and talk, double vision, and loss of movement of people’s face usually appear from 4 to 7 days after the tick stars eating from them.

Using a comb and his hands, the doctor removed the tick and the problem was solved the following day. Lewis admitted that the place where she lives in was filled with ticks at that moment and that they can be fatal.

She confessed that she felt ‘awful’ for not having noticed the tick earlier but she never even thought that tick could produce such a symptom.

Finally, she said that they were glad that Evelyn’s experience could raise awareness of that disease as they could help other parents to be more aware of ticks.