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World's worst father grabs newborn by the leg and hangs her from the roof

World's worst father grabs newborn by the leg and hangs her from the roof

He says that he only wants his daughters to be like him and fear nothing, but now he could face incarceration for his unusual way to have fun with his kids.

The Internet is full of people who driven by passion or a hunger for attention try to catch the interest of the users worldwide by setting up mind-blowing scenes that make their new found admirers come back from more.

This is the case for Roman Afanasyev, 31, a Russian father of two who lives in the region of Krasnoyarsk, definitively an adrenaline junkie who gets his kicks out of putting himself in dangerous situations, as reported by Newsner.

It is usual to see people who like to push the boundaries of safety when performing extreme stunts. People mostly celebrate these daredevils and only imagine the adrenaline levels these fearless individuals may experience. 

But when it comes to putting somebody else’s in danger, especially a child so young that she doesn’t even know the risks she is been exposing too, the public opinion turns to rejection and judgment, more so if the perpetrator of this is a father.

Afanasyev has been uploading pictures of his stunts on social media for quite a long time now, and he has built himself the reputation of not being afraid of anything. But his name started resonating recently, for the wrong reasons.

His first daughter with wife Kristina was born in 2015. Before she turned two, his father was already using her as the subject of some rather silly stunts that has caused outrage among the public and the media. The videos and photos of these actions were taken in 2016 but were posted to the web only in 2017.

But apart from being labeled an “idiot father” by the media and being severely criticized by users around the world for putting his daughter in danger recklessly, Afanasyev has made the authorities taken an interest in him.

An investigation has been opened for this case, and the amateur stuntman could face up to three years in jail if he is convicted. After initially denying the accusations, saying he actually used a doll for the pictures and videos, he admitted it was, in fact, his older daughter.

In one video, he is seen holding the child outside the window of the driver’s seat of a sports vehicle while driving at high speed. He captioned the video with the words: “no seat.” In an image, the man holds the baby upside down from only one of her tiny legs at the edge of a tall building, adding: “Look at this world from a different angle.”