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Sad news from Kurt Russell's son. He is reportedly divorcing his wife after finding new love

Sad news from Kurt Russell's son. He is reportedly divorcing his wife after finding new love

Son of iconic movie stars, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, broke off his 3-year marriage and no one had any idea.

AmoMama brings you the details of the divorce news which broke quite a number of hearts who are avid followers and fans of Wyatt Russell according to a post by RadarOnline.

It’s possible you don't know Wyatt Russell too well, but we have some pointers to help with familiarizing with him. For one, he is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's 31-year-old son and Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson's half-brother.

Although he is pretty new to the game, Wyatt is an actor with appearances in Escape from L.A., Soldier, Cowboys & Aliens, This Is 40, Love and Honor and We Are What We Are.

He started acting after an injury ended his career as a professional hockey player and as reported by Radar Online, Wyatt Russell and his ex-wife Sanne Hamers legally separated on March 2, 2015, and the duo also relinquished any right of receiving spousal support.

According to the details enclosed in their divorce papers, the couple stated 'irreconcilable differences,' as the major reason for their split.

The couple had tied the knot in March 2012, after four years of dating but Wyatt and Sanne had no children during the three years of their marriage.

In the divorce settlement documents acquired by Radar Online, Wyatt got to keep the mobile home owned by the couple situated in the Pacific Palisades, his 2014 Toyota Tundra truck along with personal property that he claimed to be his including some jewelry, furniture, tools, artwork and rare collectibles.

Despite all he got to keep, the settlement included a clause that protected him from spending any more money on Sanne's student loans which totals up to almost $25,000.

For Sanne, she got to keep her all her personal belongings such as her clothing, jewelry and artwork and also got the rights of owning all the written material, screenplays, scripts, notes, ideas, characters, films and other creative property she created at any point in time.

All this is happening at the same time that he’s been reported to be dating Meredith Hagner after they were spotted at the Maui Film Festival held in 2016 - he had been the recipient of the Rising Star Award along with newcomer Kelly Rohrbach.

Like Goldie and Kurt did while filming Swing Shift in 1983, Wyatt found love on set as he had met his actress girlfriend Meredith, while they were shooting Folk Hero & Funny Guy together.

The two certainly make our heartstrings go with how cute they look together.