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Jinger Duggar caught breaking the family rule again, spending holiday apart from the family

Jinger Duggar caught breaking the family rule again, spending holiday apart from the family

Jinger Duggar is breaking away from her family’s strict rules. She spent two consecutive Christmas holidays apart from her family which is against the rule.

AmoMama shares with you the story Jinger Duggar who broke the family rule again, spending the holiday away from them as gathered in a post by ‘Inquisitr.’

Jinger Duggar has spent two Christmas holidays away from her family.

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It seemed Jinger is becoming a freedom fighter from her family’s strict code of conduct.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been known to impose their belief system and strict rules on all of their children.

As previously reported, they expect their daughters to only wear skirts and dresses as long as they live under their roof, but the Duggar girls and their husbands get to write their own clothing rules after they get married.

After Duggar daughter got married and moved to Laredo, Texas, Jinger ditched her family’s super-strict dress code and started wearing pants.

She not only started wearing pants but was seen in ripped jeans.

While Jinger's independent streak is not always well-received around the Duggar compound, there's no real concern that she abandoned her family's core beliefs.

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There was a speculation that the Duggar Daughters, Jill, and Jinger will stick to the no-pants rule whenever they visit their parents.

However, it remains unconfirmed as none of the sisters was captured in the Christmas photo that the Duggar family shared.

Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo recently shared a photo they snapped together in his mother’s home in Pennsylvania.

Jinger and Jeremy spent the last Christmas holiday away from Arkansas where the Duggars live making it the second time in a row that they won’t celebrate the Christmas with the Duggars.

Anyway, Jinger didn’t seem to give much concern to it.

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She further revealed she wasn’t with her family when she responded to an Instagram video shared by Josiah Duggar on Christmas Eve saying,

‘Wish we were able to join you all.’

The twenty-four-year-old looked happy all the way and she’s probably enjoying her ‘freedom.’

She shared a photo of beautifully-decorated yard covered in twinkling lights, which also showed both of them gazing happily at the Christmas lights.