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Michelle Duggar flaunts her skimpy bodysuit, sparking questions about new family member

Michelle Duggar flaunts her skimpy bodysuit, sparking questions about new family member

Michelle shows off unique beachwear in a new picture, meanwhile, an addition to the family has been announced.

AmoMama shares with you details on how Michelle Duggar dressed ‘differently,’ for an outing at the Bahamas, where she and husband are on vacation, according to Inquisitr.

It has been brought to our attention that The Duggars have recently added another number to their 19 children.

9-year-old Tyler is the adopted brother of Josiah Duggar, and as such, is the newest addition to the family.

So, Jim Bob and Michelle certainly have 20 children in the family now.

In the more interesting news, little Tyler seems to be having so much fun this winter, with Josiah, according to a post he shared on Instagram of Tyler making an adorable snowman on his car.

Josiah, if we recall, is the only unmarried member of the family, allowed to own a social media account, and since he shared that photo of Tyler, fans have been swooning with joy.

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The Duggars recently spoke on how difficult it is to manage their 19 children and keep the family in one piece.

We certainly know for sure, that if they can keep it good for this long one extra addition is nothing to worry about.

Now, back to Michelle, 51, and husband, Jim, 52, who got everyone talking as to how much they are enjoying their winter break at the Bahamas.

The Counting On stars is surely missing up on the fun of the 9-year-old.

Michelle also is stirring a buzz on the internet for having dressed more casually than expected.

The 51-year-old dressed quite differently from what was expected, by wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt, a knee-length black skirt and calf-length black tights, black stockings, and black orthopedic shoes.

This was quite unexpected, in regards to the environment which they were at, which screamed ‘beachwear’.

We are so happy for the new addition to the family.

What a beautiful way to start the new year, as we expect more from the Duggars.