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Mom of disabled girl gets attacked by Internet trolls. She finds a way to shut them down

Mom of disabled girl gets attacked by Internet trolls. She finds a way to shut them down

Even the disabled child is not excluded from keyboard warriors.

As reported by Lad Bible, Natalie Weaver is campaigning to make Twitter a safer place in honor of her nine-year-old disabled daughter, Sophia.

The young girl has disfigurements in her face, hands, and feet. She also has type 1 diabetes and Rett syndrome. Her condition affects her speech and coordination.

Sophia has been a target for disturbing abuse online because of her physical appearance.

According to Lad Bible, many internet trolls said that she would be better off not existing in spite of the love around her.

Natalie became enraged after her daughter's image was maltreated in an offensive pro-eugenics campaign.

The mother from Cornelius, North Carolina immediately complained to Twitter in the hope it would be taken down.

But Twitter Support replied her claiming that the tweet didn't violate any rules or regulations.

Natalie tweeted: '@TwitterSupport Just received an email that Twitter doesn't think a person using my child's image as the poster child to ABORT & to weed out all the defectives in utero is a violation.'

She added saying, 'Why? Bc they won't recognize hate toward ppl w/ disabilities in their regulations/reports.'

Natalie continued to convince the social media that they should take down Sophia's photo.

The Twitter Support then reviewed her earlier report and finally issued an apology to her. They also suspended the Twitter user who posted the offensive tweet about her daughter.

Natalie's fight with Twitter policy doesn't end there. She required Twitter to offer a category that mentions disabilities, so disabled people know they will be protected, Lad Bible reported.

Natalie told CNN that Twitter should add people with disabilities as a category in their violation reporting.

She added that otherwise, users will never know the proper category to select for hate towards people with disabilities.