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Breaking update on Alec Baldwin's health condition after major surgery: 'tough road' ahead

Breaking update on Alec Baldwin's health condition after major surgery: 'tough road' ahead

Alec Baldwin has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, but all that fame still won't make him almighty and powerful. He's still human.

Therefore, he has problems just like everyone else. For example, his hip hadn' been the same for quite a while, so he had to be submitted to a hip replacement surgery on February 7, 2018.

But, although the surgery went well, the recovering process promises to be quite challenging, not only for the 59-year-old actor but also for his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, as reported by Entertainment Daily.

Alec, who is a regular on Saturday Night Live, where he plays the role of President Donald Trump in almost every episode, has been experiencing the usual post-surgery pain and discomfort.

Hilaria has her hands full now that her husband is no longer able to help her with her daily chores. Not only must she tend to her husband's needs, but she also has to take care of their children, their pets and do her work assignments.

According to the source, she recently took to Instagram to release some steam and confided that it has been very hard for her to get some rest with all the commotion in the house.

She revealed that Alec can't do much on his own, and that he spends most of his days in bed, recovering, and that it is difficult for her to always be there for him when she has so much to do.

As reported by Entertainment Daily, The 34-year-old has been so busy as of late that she even placed her phone in the fridge and wore her underwear inside out. The only moment of relief that she gets is when everyone is sleeping.

At the end of the day, she only wants to relax, take a nice and warm bath, stretch her neck and enjoy the silence. She knows that Alec still has a long road ahead of him, but she will be there to help him along the way.