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Stewardess tells unsuspecting mom to get off the plane. Then her world gets turned upside down

Stewardess tells unsuspecting mom to get off the plane. Then her world gets turned upside down

Consumers sometimes battle when it comes to receiving decent customer service. When a company goes out of their way to help a client, we take notice. 

When the Southwest airline told Peggy Uhle to get off the flight, she was worried at first. She thought that she was on the wrong plane.

On August 30, 2016, So Share This reported that she was on a flight from Chicago to Columbus when the plane suddenly turned around and went back to the gate. 

Uhle was confused, but even more so when a stewardess approached her and said the needed to get off the plane immediately. When she got back to the terminal, the gate agent explained what had happened. 

He told Uhle that she needed to call her husband straight away and that her son had suffered a terrible head injury and was in a coma. 

Uhle didn't know what to do. Her son was in Denver, and she was in Chicago on her way to Columbus. She needed to get to Denver and frantically tried to make arrangements. 

That's when the gate agent told that she didn't have to worry about anything, the airline already made all the arrangements on her behalf, and they didn't even charge her for the extra hassle. 

They had already canceled her Columbia ticket and booked a direct flight to Denver. The airline personnel also rerouted her luggage to Denver.

The caring staff arranged a hotel for her, with instructions that her luggage should be delivered directly to the accommodation. They even packed a lunch for when she arrived at her destination.  

Uhle was escorted to a private waiting area, and all she had to do was wait two hours for her next flight. When she arrived in Denver, the airline staff even called to ask how her son was doing. 

'The care that I was shown is second to none. We have always liked Southwest Airlines and now we can’t say enough good things about them.'

Peggy Uhle, So Share This, August 30, 2016.