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7 signs your body sends that indicate you might have a stroke in a month

7 signs your body sends that indicate you might have a stroke in a month

Strokes have become a silent killer and affect approximately 130,000 Americans annually. Suffering a stroke could also lead to disability. 

Studies have shown that people who smoke and drink excessively are more likely to experience a stroke, which is also called a 'brain attack.' 

Other factors that could lead to a stroke are hypertension and high cholesterol. Anybody who has a history of heart disease in their family should also consult a doctor. 

A patient can suffer a stroke when arteries in the brain get clogged. There are several signs which could indicate that you might experience a stroke within the coming days or weeks. 

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1. Vision problems

Vision changes could include a blurred vision, or the patient might experience trouble with their eyesight in one eye only, or even both eyes. 

2. Numbness

Numbness could affect the arms, legs or face. A person's face may be numb on one side only, or their smile could appear uneven. This may also be accompanied by tingling the arms and legs. 

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3. Dizziness and fainting

This could be accompanied by lightheadedness and vertigo. It might feel like the room is spinning, and the patient could even faint. 

4. Discoordination

Someone who is about to suffer a stroke might lose their balance or have trouble walking. This is also referred to as gait disturbances. 

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5. Trouble speaking

You may develop slurred speech, or even have trouble speaking at all. If you notice someone's speech is incomprehensible, ask them to repeat a simple sentence. 

6. Shortness of breath

A person could either have trouble breathing or experience rapid breathing and hyperventilation. This is also referred to as dyspnea. 

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7. Intensive headaches

The headaches will be intense and sharp. Many patients described it as extremely painful and unlike anything they've ever felt in the past. 

Healthy lifestyle changes could also prevent a stroke. Doctors advise to quit excessive smoking and drinking, and follow a healthy lifestyle with a balanced eating plan and exercising regularly. 

This article is solely for informational purposes and is not intended to provide medical advice. Before undertaking any course of treatment, please consult with your physician or other healthcare providers.