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Lady Gaga will ask to borrow Johnny Weir's dress after seeing his 'Poker Face' performance

Lady Gaga will ask to borrow Johnny Weir's dress after seeing his 'Poker Face' performance

This is a rare case of the inspiration getting inspired. 

As reported in an article published by Pop Sugar, figure skating icon Johhny Weir's 2010 performance on Lady Gaga's song Poker Face was loved by the singer so much that she called him up and requested to borrow the dress Weir wore during the enchanting performance.

Weir will not be a participant in the 2018 Winter Olympics' figure skating competition. However, he will be on the other side of the ice as NBC figure skating analyst.

The two-time Olympian represented USA's figure skating team at the 2006 Torino Games as well as the 2010 Vancouver Games. His most memorable skating routine took place in 2010 when he graced the ice with the Lady Gaga number. 

His glittery outfit, outstanding energy and suggestive facial expressions totally captured the essence of Gaga's song. It was a refreshing change for the spectators as well. They had probably never witnessed so much raunchiness in a sporting activity.

Not only did Weir amaze everyone with his unique performance, he also displayed the spirit of the sport and the art of figure skating. People who watched his performance on their television screens were drawn into his performance and his persona alike as he managed to induce raw emotions in their hearts.

The creator of Poker Face, Gaga too could not escape Weir's charm and immediately gave him a call to let him know how deeply she was touched by his tribute on the world stage. Gaga went further and asked Weir if she could borrow his outfit as a souvenir.

To everyone's disappointment, Weir will not be performing in the latest Olympics. However, fans and followers are eager to watch the charming and bold personality in action, albeit in a different role, in Pyeongchang, South Korea.