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Yemen man who raped and murdered 3-year-old executed in a violent way

Yemen man who raped and murdered 3-year-old executed in a violent way

A Yemen man named Muhammad al-Maghrabi has been convicted of raping and murdering a three-year-old girl named Rana al-Matari and has been publicly and violently executed.

How was he executed? Al-Maghrabi was executed with a machine gun. Yes, with a machine gun in the capital Sanaa’s main square. AmoMama gathered info from Independent.

Hundreds of onlookers watch the execution and some of them were seen photographing and filming the scene on their mobile phones. The 41-year-old was seen lying on the ground on a rug while a police officer held an AK47-style weapon against his back and opens fire.

A policeman fired five bullets from an assault rifle. The pedophile had his hands handcuffed behind his back. The public had cried out for justice given the grimness of the crime.

Pictures also show huge crowds that had gathered to watch the execution in the city’s main square. Even after al-Maghrabi was dead, many people followed the police truck that carried his dead body.

As hundreds of onlookers watched at the Tahrir Square, many more watched on their screens as television cameras reportedly broadcasted the sentencing across the country.

According to the US State Department, Sharia law is the source of all legislation in Yemen and under the Sharia law, murder is punishable by death sentence. The law, however, does not tell how the sentence should be enforced.

Apparently, Scallywag & Vagabond cited that this is the nation’s first execution under Sharia law since 2009.

After the execution, the child’s father, Yahya al-Matari revealed that he felt relieved and reborn, he said:

“This is the first day in my life.”

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