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Woman suffers from what was growing under her arm, footage shows it exploding

Woman suffers from what was growing under her arm, footage shows it exploding

A woman went to a doctor with a growth under her arm. The growth had grown so big that the woman had finally realized that she needed professional help.

When the doctor cut into it, a liquid started coming out that would have anyone feeling sickly. But the medical professional stuck to helping the patient and figured out what the growth was.

Dr. Michael Lewis had a woman come to his offices with a complaint about a monster-sized abscess in her armpit.  A video that has been shared on social media shows just how committed to his job the doctor is.

Lewis started off by using a scalpel to make an incision in her right armpit. This initial cut is not going to be painful, the doctor informs the anonymous woman.

As soon as the skin is punctured a runny red liquid comes oozing out of the cut. Lewis then quickly gets a bag to collect the liquid in.

“We need to get all the pus out, in order to get better, abscesses need draining.”

Dr. Michael Lewis, American Web Media, February 8, 2018

The woman lets out a sigh of relief as the Woodland Hills, California doctor comments that the liquid doesn’t smell very good. Next, he uses surgical scissors to puncture another area.

The second puncture reveals to the doctor that the growth is actually a fat abscess. This second incision is clearly painful as the woman can be seen shaking and banging her limbs on the table in pain.

Lewis attempts to inject more anesthetic into the affected area to relieve her. Then he informs her that the pus needs to be drained out of the abscess to heal.

Most skin abscesses start when bacteria gets into a small wound such as the root of a hair or blocked oil or sweat gland. In the three-minute clip, the procedure shows all the gory details.

Lewis gets the job done by removing all the pus in order to prevent further infection. He shared that he has always enjoyed performing procedures and that it’s one of his favorite things to do.

Lewis also admitted that he didn’t feel queasy when he carried out procedures like the one mentioned above. He revealed that he performed multiple procedures weekly from simple things like cleaning out ear wax and joint injections to the removal of masses on the skin.

Nothing bothered him much as far as the procedures go, but, if the smell is bad it could make the process a bit difficult for him. Preventing a skin abscess means washing your hands regularly.

It’s also wise to use separate towels from other family members and do not bathe with them. If you do end up with a skin abscess, make sure the area gets fully treated and heals before you use shared equipment, such as machines at the gym, saunas or swimming pools.

It’s advised that you don’t squeeze the pus out yourself as this could spread the bacteria to other areas of your skin.