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Mila Kunis shares a photo with new hair style and she's unrecognizable with it

Mila Kunis shares a photo with new hair style and she's unrecognizable with it

The actress impresses with her latest transformation prompting fans to flood her with compliments.

Mila Kunis recently shared a stunning photo of herself on Instagram sporting a throwback hair style reminiscent of the 60’s. 

The actress whose photo was uncaptioned channeled her inner Jackie Kennedy as she wore her long brunette tresses with a classic bouffant to match her golden Hepburn-inspired dress with a black band around her waist.

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Completing her look, she wore smokey eye make-up and projected a serious look as she posed with one hand on her chest amid a floral wallpaper background. 

Her latest photo is a surprising change from Mila’s usual casual and carefree appearances but it pleased fans who were both stunned and impressed by her transformation.

Unclear whether her latest look was for a current movie she’s filming or a photo shoot, fans flooded her with comments all synonymous to her being beautiful.

Mila is married to her ‘That 70’s Show’ co-star Ashton Kutcher and they share two children, Wyatt, 3 and Dimitri, 1.

The couple were recently in the news for obliging fans with a kiss when they were featured on the Kiss Cam during the Los Angeles Kings’ hockey game on Monday last week. Enjoying the challenge, they gamely smooched in front of thousands who cheered them on.

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