Rich Man Cuts off 7 Children from Will, Old Homeless Lady Inherits His Entire Property — Story of the Day

Sonali Bharadwaj
Jun 07, 2024
05:24 A.M.

Today's story is about a rich man who removes all seven of his children from his will and gives his inheritance to a homeless woman who saved his life.


"How can you treat us like this, Dad? How can you not leave us even a tenth of the property?" Mr. Archibald's eldest son, Harry, was enraged when Mr. Archibald declared his intentions for his will following Mrs. Archibald's funeral. All of their children had expected to receive their father's property shares, but Mr. Archibald had surprised them, to say the least.

"As you can see, son. That's what your mother and I decided," Mr. Archibald explained. "She expected you to be able to stand on your own two feet, and I hope you don't disappoint her."

"Well, dad, it would have been easier if you didn't throw us out of the will like that!" Andrew, the youngest, spoke. "Who do you think you're going to give all of this inheritance to? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't donate it to charity. Then why not give it to us?"

"You see, boys, nothing you say will persuade me to change my mind. I haven't decided yet who's going to be my heir. But stop worrying about what you're not inheriting and focus on the work you need to do to take care of yourselves and your future," Mr. Archibald advised.

"Let's see where your stupid decision leads you, dad. I still can't believe mother supported something this stupid!" Harry yelled angrily at his father. The others, who were equally dissatisfied with their father's decision, cast a stern look at him as they exited the room. After they left, Mr. Archibald realized that his decision to cut his children off his will made even more sense now.

Mr. Archibald announced that none of his children would receive his inheritance | Photo: Pexels

Mr. Archibald announced that none of his children would receive his inheritance | Photo: Pexels

When Mr. Archibald first arrived in New York, he had nothing but a few cents in his pocket. He was orphaned at the age of five and had no one to look after him, so he had to learn to be a responsible man at a young age. For almost all his teenage life, he worked part-time in restaurants, shops, and anywhere and everywhere he could get food and money.

When he turned 21, he decided to try his hand at starting his own business. Because he didn't understand how things worked, he failed several times, and nothing came of it. In fact, he lost more than he had invested and had to return to his regular jobs. But one day, it finally worked out. At the restaurant where he worked, Mr. Archibald met Roger, who loved his business idea of producing sustainable clothing and decided to invest in it.


Mr. Archibald's clothing brand grew faster than he could have imagined over the next few years, and rowing millions was an easy task. Then a few years later, he met Rose, who'd come to his office looking for a job. She was a widow and had four sons.

Mr. Archibald fell in love with her, and the two decided to get married. They were blessed with triplets a year later, and Mr. Archibald had everything he could ever want from God.

However, because nothing in life had come easy for him and he knew what true struggle entailed, he wished for his sons to make a name for themselves in the same way that he had. Rose ultimately agreed with her husband's point of view, so when they were writing their will, they decided that none of their children would receive any inheritance.

Mr. Archibald had seen a lot of struggles in his life | Photo: Unsplash

Mr. Archibald had seen a lot of struggles in his life | Photo: Unsplash


But who would then be my heir? I want to give it to someone who will appreciate it, and my sons, as far as I know, would never bother working if they had all this money!

Perplexed by the situation, he called his lawyer, but even he couldn't come up with a response that would satisfy Mr. Archibald's curiosity. So in the end, Mr. Archibald sat with a piece of paper, attempting to list names of potential heirs, but several hours passed, and not a single name was added to the list.

Tired of thinking, he decided to take a brief walk. Oh God, I wish this could be easy. I am already 90. Before you call me to heaven in a few years, I want to be free of these materialistic responsibilities. Please help me find someone who'd be my heir, he pondered as he left his house.

It was a cold evening, and it was getting dark. After taking a few rounds around a park, Mr. Archibald decided to stop at a nearby cafe for some coffee. As he approached the crosswalk signal, he noticed a homeless woman begging for alms.

He decided to approach her and offer her money when he suddenly felt disoriented. He tried to speak, but he couldn't, and everything around him seemed to be wobbling.

He was forced to sit on the pavement, and he managed to take out his phone, but before he could place a call for an ambulance, darkness engulfed him, and he fell into a deep sleep before he could even breathe a word.

Mr. Archibald was rushed to the hospital | Photo: Pexels

Mr. Archibald was rushed to the hospital | Photo: Pexels

The homeless lady noticed Mr. Archibald and dashed to help him. She dialed 911 through his phone and later accompanied him to the hospital.

When Mr. Archibald awoke, she was already at his bedside. "Are you feeling better now? The doctors said you had a stroke." she asked, helping him to slowly get up.

Mr. Archibald nodded his head and thanked the lady for his generosity.

"Should I call your wife or children and let them know you're here? They must be worried," she suggested.

Mr. Archibald told her that his wife had died that year and asked her to call his children, but only some of them answered the call, and those who did just wondered if he was okay and told him to take care.


Mr. Archibald was in the hospital for three days, but none of his children came to see him. It was only that poor, homeless woman who came to see him every day and cared for him until he was discharged.

Considering it was a sign from God why he met her, Mr. Archibald decided to give all of his assets to the poor woman. However, he wanted to make sure that he wasn't just giving everything to someone because they'd saved his life. So, to repay her kindness, he hired her as a helper at first, and the woman impressed him with her hard work and dedication.

Mr. Archibald transferred his assets to the homeless woman | Photo: Unsplash

Mr. Archibald transferred his assets to the homeless woman | Photo: Unsplash

So one day, Mr. Archibald went to his lawyer's office and transferred all his assets to the poor woman from the streets who had saved his life.


The woman couldn't believe her eyes when she received Mr. Archibald's inheritance after his death. Every weekend, she went to his grave and thanked him for being such a generous human being to her.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Be kind; it costs nothing. The poor homeless woman, without expecting anything in return, helped Mr. Archibald. All of us should try to be like her.
  • If you do good to others, you'll receive goodness in return too. The woman saved Mr. Archibald's life and later received his inheritance in return for her kindness.

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This account is inspired by our reader's story and written by a professional writer. Any resemblance to actual names or locations is purely coincidental. All images are for illustration purposes only. Share your story with us; maybe it will change someone's life. If you would like to share your story, please send it to info@amomama.com.

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