An old lady walking down the street | Source: Shutterstock
An old lady walking down the street | Source: Shutterstock

Husband Mocks Wife as She Keeps Giving Money to Her Poor Mom until She Hits Him Back — Story of the Day

Sonali Pandey
Jun 19, 2024
11:02 A.M.

A haughty husband mocks his wife for providing money to her poor mother, but she continues doing it despite his objections. In the end, she realizes she couldn't have been more right by going against her husband.


When Lucy Houghton married Sam Fraser, she thought it was the best decision she'd ever made. Though Sam was eight years her elder, he was smart, attractive, and most importantly, he sincerely loved her – or so she believed. Until one day, it all fell apart...

The Houghtons had always cautioned Lucy not to date Sam, and the prospect of her marrying him had worried her parents. "Honey," her mother had said. "He's not the right man for you. Trust us! You will regret choosing him as your partner!"

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

"Your mother is absolutely right, Lucy!" her father had warned. "You're rushing the decision of marriage! He might be all nice to you, but Sam is not someone who'd be with you for the rest of your life!"


But Lucy wouldn't understand that. She was confident that Sam adored her as much as she loved him. So when he proposed to her just a few months after their courtship, she said yes without hesitation, and a month later, they were married.

Their wedding had been spectacular, and Sam had made sure that all of the details were perfect. He made a good living as an accountant at a famous Californian firm, so how could he pass up the chance to show off? And Lucy took pride in it as well, because "her choice" of spouse stood proudly in front of everyone – especially her parents – as a respectable and wealthy man.

But unfortunately, none of this seemed pleasant to her a year later…

"Lucy!" Sam yelled as he approached her, clutching an envelope in his hands. "What the hell is this? Did you really think it wasn't necessary to inform me about this?"

"Calm down, Sam! Can't you see I'm busy making breakfast?"

"To hell with you and your breakfast! Why didn't you inform me you transferred money from the joint account to your mother's? Why do they still need your money?!"

"What do you mean, Sam? I was brought up like this! They're my parents! If they need help, I will not stand by and let them suffer! Mom needed money urgently, so I paid it out of MY savings!"


"Oh, you think you can take money out of the account and blow it off without even discussing it with me?"

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

"What's your issue, Sam? It's a JOINT account, and I have money in it as well! So just focus on your work, and don't bother me till I'm finished cooking! You're getting on my nerves way too much these days, anyway!" she muttered under her breath as she resumed her cooking.

Sam stormed out to the living room, ending the heated discussion, but that was only the beginning of their daily squabbles. He would continuously warn her not to give any more money to her mother from their account, but she persisted despite his warnings - only to realize she couldn't have been more right…


When things went on like that for almost three months, and Lucy's savings were depleted as she offered a specific sum of money to her mother every month, the quarrels were eventually replaced by silence.

Lucy and Sam stopped talking. In fact, they grew so distant that at one point, Sam started seeing other women, without caring that he was married and had a wife back home. Worse, he didn't even shy away from admitting that he was committing infidelity.

Lucy, too, had fallen out of love a long time ago, and when she discovered Sam was cheating, she concluded there was nothing left in their relationship and decided to end it before it took any more of her tolerance and respect.

It did hurt her that the Sam she'd once loved and fought for with her parents now only made her angry and disgusted, but she had no choice but to put an end to it all. So when he arrived home one evening, she declared she was leaving him.

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels


"These are the divorce papers," she said, tossing an envelope on the living room table. "I've signed it, and I hope you'll sign it too with absolutely no delay. Then you can sleep around with any hoe you want, and I can live my life in peace!"

Sam smirked. "And what are you going to do without me, Lucy? Return to your poor parents? To your poor mother? And cry?" he laughed. "You have nowhere to go, honey, so you'll end up running back to this door!"

"Your wish, Sam!" Lucy shot back. "You know what? My parents were right! You're a jerk and a control freak! You couldn't stand me just because I'm supporting my parents with my money. Well, I am glad I didn't listen to you and stopped supporting them because I saw this coming!" she said as she left his house with her luggage.

But Sam didn't take her seriously and shrugged it off. In fact, he was so enthralled that his "loser" wife was finally out of his life that he couldn't even catch the clue she'd dropped before she left.

And so, when he discovered Lucy had been transferring money to her mother to pay off the apartment's mortgage in her name all this time, he was shocked! He couldn't believe Lucy's parents had bought a new home in a famous California neighborhood! After all, Lucy's mother was a housewife, and her father was a clerk! How did they manage to afford such a magnificent place?


It turns out the apartment belonged to Lucy. She'd initially bought it as a surprise gift for Sam. However, when Lucy's father learned about it, he advised her not to keep it under her name. He knew Sam was only interested in bragging about how much he could afford and had no interest in Lucy! So as a test, he advised her to transfer the apartment to her mother's name to expose Sam.

Of course, it had sparked a heated argument between Lucy and her parents, but in the end, she caved, yelling, "You're going to be wrong again! Sam is not how you guys think!" But alas, she was wrong, and her father was right!

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

For illustration purposes only | Source: Pexels

When the pair met during their divorce proceedings, Sam flatly refused to divorce Lucy and threatened to sue her for the new apartment, claiming he should be entitled to a part of it after their divorce. However, this was not legally possible, and the divorce proceedings commenced. Lucy finally felt like she could breathe freely again after the divorce was finalized.


She went to see her parents on the day the divorce was finalized and thanked them for being by her side the entire time. "I'm sorry, mom and dad," she said as she hugged them. "You were right, and I was wrong. I promise I will never go against you again. I'm glad I learned from this invaluable experience."

Things improved between Lucy and her parents from that day on, and they are now living together in their new apartment, which Lucy left in her mother's name.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Sometimes you need to get burned before things fall into place. Lucy only realized how controlling and ridiculous Sam was after living under the same roof with him and going through hell.
  • Children have the freedom to make their own decisions, but they should also understand that it is for their own good when their parents warn them of something. Lucy's parents knew Sam wasn't the right man for her, and she realized that in the end.

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