Orphan Inherits Old Sofa from Her Grandpa, She Sits and It Cracks under Her Weight - Story of the Day

Sonali Pandey
Jun 25, 2024
08:15 A.M.

When Victoria returned to her grandfather’s home in Iowa, she noticed his favorite sofa was still residing in the living room. The woman sat on it for a while, remembering her childhood days, then it suddenly cracked. What she discovered inside changed her whole life.


Victoria’s mother, Ella, abandoned her at a young age and moved to New York with her lover because she was tired of living in poverty. Edward, Victoria’s father, worked as a delivery man in the mornings and as a warehouse operator at night, but the money wasn’t enough to keep the family afloat.

On top of that, there was Victoria’s grandfather Silas who was in the last stages of his life fighting his battle with cancer and primarily himself. So Ella found an easy way out of her misery by moving from Iowa to New York with her boyfriend.

Victoria inherited an old sofa from Silas | Photo: Shutterstock

Victoria inherited an old sofa from Silas | Photo: Shutterstock

Victoria was 15 years old at the time. The teenager had hardly gotten over her mother’s elopement when her father passed away in a tragic accident a few months later, leaving her and Silas alone.


Ella paid Victoria visits and talked to her on the phone after Edward’s death, but Silas didn’t like it. He had never liked her in the first place, but after she left them, he hated her even more.

However, when Silas left for his heavenly abode a year later, it forced Victoria to relocate to her mother’s home in New York. Dave, Ella’s so-called lover, clearly didn’t like her, and Victoria didn’t admire him either.

Due to their frequent clashes, problems arose in their household over time, and Dave eventually left. Ella and Victoria’s relationship soured even more after this because Dave told Ella he was leaving her because he hated Victoria and her “obnoxious” attitude.

Victoria was orphaned after her mother abandoned her and her father died | Photo: Pexels

Victoria was orphaned after her mother abandoned her and her father died | Photo: Pexels


Ella initially managed to survive with the money left over from what her boyfriend had given her, so she did not scrimp on expensive gifts at first. That’s how they got by for about a half-year.

Ella was always dragging something to the pawnshop, and she didn’t seem to care about getting a job or planning for the future. She didn’t want to work, so when her savings ran out, she went out and found another man.

Tired of living a miserable life with her mother, Victoria applied for scholarships and somehow ended up in New York University, where she met Kevin. They met while working part-time at the same cafe, and their friendship quickly blossomed into love.

Soon, the lovebirds moved in together, and Victoria got pregnant. They were almost ready to graduate at the time, but Kevin dumped Victoria after learning of her pregnancy.

Victoria returned to her mother seeking assistance, but she refused to help her, so the young woman somehow finished her degree and returned to her grandfather’s house in Iowa.

Victoria returned to her grandfather's house in Iowa | Photo: Pexels

Victoria returned to her grandfather's house in Iowa | Photo: Pexels


The house had been boarded up for years, and it could barely be seen from the road because of the thickets of weeds. Victoria decided to call for assistance because the heavy door would not budge.

Thankfully, her gaze was drawn to a young man chopping firewood in the next yard. “Hey, can you please help me?” Victoria shouted from her doorstep.

The man looked up from the wood and smiled at her. “Sure,” he replied. “I’ll be there in 2 minutes.”

Victoria noticed that the man was limping badly, so she ran up to him. “I’m sorry for troubling you. I should probably call someone else.”

As she came closer, he could see her clearly. “Victoria, is that you?” he exclaimed, surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Victoria looked at him, puzzled because she didn’t recognize him. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

The man turned out to be Victoria's childhood friend | Photo: Pexels

The man turned out to be Victoria's childhood friend | Photo: Pexels


“Of course,” the man replied with a broad smile. “Remember we were friends as kids? It’s me, Tim!”

“Oh, Tim! I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you! You’ve changed so much! You were so chubby as a teen and look at you now!”

“I guess hard work does that to you,” he joked. “But how did you end up here?”

“Well, that’s quite a story. Would you mind assisting me with the door first?” she said. “Hand me the tools, I’ll carry them,” she added, taking notice of his limp.

With the use of his tools, within five minutes, Timothy manage to juggle the rusty door open. “Wow, there must be ghosts in there! Look how much dust and cobwebs there are! Let me help you clean up.”

Victoria declined, insisting she'd clean the house herself, but Timothy persuaded her, and it took them nearly three hours to dust the entire house properly. Meanwhile, Victoria told her story about how she ended up in Iowa after her boyfriend and mother abandoned her.

Then it was time to clean Silas’ sofa, which was beautifully adorned with a dusty white sheet and numerous spiderwebs in the living room.

The house was in terrible condition | Photo: Pexels

The house was in terrible condition | Photo: Pexels


“You know, this sofa meant a lot to grandpa,” Victoria explained to Timothy, “and he looked after it like it was the apple of his eye. This sofa with cracked armrests has made it through three generations, and hopefully will make it through the fourth.” She placed her hand on her baby bump.

“But before that, it needs cleaning,” Timothy replied. “So move aside, you’ve already helped a lot with the cleaning, and this much dust is bad for your baby.”

As Timothy cleaned the sofa, Victoria continued her sofa story. “I would often attempt to jump on it to test its rear springs in action, but then grandpa would yell at me, 'Victoria! Get your skinny bones off the couch!' Ahh, I miss him so much!”

“Well, now that it’s clean, you can at least sit here for a while and rest,” Timothy said after tidying the sofa.

But as Victoria attempted to sit, having dried up over many years in an unheated house, the sofa was crunched disgustingly. And as she tried to get more comfortable on it, it cracked treacherously and parted!

Victoria jumped up in surprise, feeling something solid hidden in the sofa. “There’s something in here!”

Victoria discovered a small chest inside the sofa | Photo: Pexels

Victoria discovered a small chest inside the sofa | Photo: Pexels


The sofa’s padding, which leaked and crumbled from time to time, revealed a small chest hidden deep within. When they opened it, they discovered gold ducats, jewelry, and a note addressed to Victoria.

“I hope this letter finds you well, Victoria,” the note began. “I wanted to give this to you sooner, but you were too young.”

“My grandfather gave me this inheritance and told me to give it to someone who needed it,” the note continued. “I believe you are the most in need of it because I am aware of how badly your mother treats you and how sad it must have been for you when Edward left. I hope this will be of assistance to you. Love, Silas.”

“Well, wow, now that’s one hell of a sofa!” Timothy said thoughtfully, scratching the back of his head.

However, Victoria couldn’t stop crying. Thanks to her grandad, her life did change for the better after she discovered the chest. She sold some of the treasures and used the proceeds to renovate her home, and she used some of the money to build a new room for her baby.

Victoria delivered a healthy baby boy | Photo: Pexels

Victoria delivered a healthy baby boy | Photo: Pexels


Timothy was by her side at all times, assisting her with everything from finding carpenters for the house to taking her to appointments and visiting her on weekends, so she didn’t feel left out.

A few months later, Victoria delivered a healthy baby boy. Timothy helped her look after the baby, and they gradually became close. Soon, the man proposed to Victoria for marriage, and Victoria happily accepted.

Finally, her family was complete. She had an adoring husband, a lovely child, and their grandfather’s blessing on the sofa she’d inherited. Thankfully, his sofa assisted them to the point where they could start a small business together with the money they had saved from selling the jewels.

What can we learn from this story?

  • There’s a delay in God’s court but no denial. Victoria had to go through a lot initially, but everything worked out in the end.
  • Matches are made in heaven. Kevin and Victoria’s relationship didn’t work out because she was fated to end up with Timothy.

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