Daniella Segell

Daniella Segell


Daniella Segell is a content writer for the US Celeb team at Amomama Publishing. She is responsible for writing entertaining and informative articles for our readers.


Before joining the Amomama Publishing team, Daniella worked for Inspire Magazine, and her duties included sourcing, researching, and writing stories. She also worked at a radio station for her university's radio station at Monash and was responsible for managing their music content. Daniella was also in charge of running the social media accounts of Natti Embroidery Creations and created social media posts that would increase brand awareness.


Daniella holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Criminology from Monash University South Africa, where she graduated in 2019.

Awards and Accreditation

Daniella was an English tutor for many years. She helped several schoolchildren understand and find their passion for the language by implementing fun book clubs with snacks and juices, which allowed her students to speak freely. She appreciates that she was allowed to instill the love of reading into most children because she believes being well-bread is crucial, especially in today's digital society.

Hobbies and Passions

Family is extremely important to Daniella. She is grateful for how her family taught her the importance of being a team player and working together for the greater good. She is also a passionate reader and writer.

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