Mariia Kobzieva

Mariia Kobzieva


Mariia is a scriptwriter who works with Stories of the Day, crafting inspiring stories for our readers.


Mariia's creative journey began with writing poetry, stories, novellas, and children's fairy tales. During her creative exploration, Mariia worked as a flight attendant, a television celebrity assistant, and a culinary TV show participant. In Jan '24, she released her first children's book, 'The Life of Grizzly Grumble'.


Mariia earned a Master’s degree from the Kyiv National Linguistic University in Language and Literature (Chinese and English) as a philologist-researcher as a Chinese and English language and foreign literature teacher.

Awards and Accreditation

In Dec '22, she received an Award for the best screenplay for a short film from Ukrainian director Marysia Nikitiuk.

Hobbies and Passions

Mariia is studying film directing and screenwriting. She writes scripts for short films and independently directs the shoots with her team. Mariia actively engages in snowboarding and wakeboarding, travels to various countries, and collects books in their original languages from different countries.

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